Full Name
Gabby Beckford
Job Title
Travel Influencer and Founder
Packs Light
Speaker Bio
Gabby Beckford is the award-winning Gen Z travel influencer and Opportunity Expert behind the blog Packs Light. She makes the incredible accessible to Gen Z and Black travel communities by entertaining, inspiring, and empowering them in travel. She's visited 40+ countries, given a TEDx talk, and grown her community—the Young Travelers Network—to more than 5000 young travel lovers, and her travel TikTok to 250,000! Beckford has been featured in The New York Times, Good Morning America, CNNTravel, National Geographic, and more.

Her mission to empower young people to seek risk, seize opportunity, and see the world.

Packs Light:

Packs Light is a travel and lifestyle platform that showcases Gabby's passion for youth travel, adventure, and positivity. At the core, the message is about seeking risk, seizing opportunities, and seeing the world.

Packs Light influences the purchase decisions of women (82%) ages 18-26 (66%) living in the US (NY, LA, DC) with an affinity for travel, lifestyle, and self-improvement. Her content reaches more than 40,000 eyes every month.

Packs Light sells online products and member access content to help make travel and goal-achieving accessible for it's clients. Packs Light also collaborates with brands & companies to promote products in services in an influencer capacity.
Gabby Beckford