Launch | Expanding Commercial and Civil Space Partnerships 

Join us on Thursday, December 16, 2021 from 1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. EST for the U.S. Chamber's 4th annual Space Summit titled LAUNCH: Expanding Commercial and Civil Space Partnerships, held in partnership with The Boeing Company. Following the first National Space Council meeting under Vice President Kamala Harris earlier this month, leaders from the public and private sectors will discuss international collaboration and public-private partnerships in space, the future of exploration beyond the ISS, space as an economic frontier, and updates from the Artemis launch. 


Event Agenda

Fireside Chat: National Space Priorities with Gina Ortiz Jones, Under Secretary of the Air Force

In conversation with Christopher D. Roberti, Senior Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Panel Discussion: International Collaboration on Managing Space Traffic and Orbital Debris 

  • Mag. Gen. DeAnna BurtCommander, Combined Space Force Component Command, U.S. Space Command; and Deputy Commander, Space Operations Command, U.S. Space Force
  • Charity Weeden, Vice President, Global Space Policy and Government Relations, Astroscale U.S.

In conversation with Ellen Stofan, Under Secretary for Science and Research, Smithsonian


The Commercial Space Industry Expansion 

  • Lisa B. Callahan, Vice President and General Manager of Commercial Civil Space, Lockheed Martin Space
  • Marshall Smith, Senior Vice President of Space Systems, Nanoracks

In conversation with Ellen Stofan, Under Secretary for Science and Research, Smithsonian


Brief Remarks and Q&A: FAA Innovates for the Next Space Age with The Honorable Steve Dickson, Administrator, FAA

In conversation with Carol Hallett, Of Counsel, U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Keynote Remarks | Commercial Launch: New Realities and Challenges with Peter Beck, Chief Executive Officer, Rocket Lab


Panel Discussion: Commercial Sector Opportunities in the Final Frontier     

  • Alain Berinstain, Ph.D., Chief Strategy Officer, Space Tango
  • Dennis Gatens, CEO & Co-Founder, LEOCloud
  • Doug Hulse, Space Mission Program Manager, Millennium Space Systems

In conversation with Vincent M. Voci, Vice President, Cyber Policy and Operations, U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Conversation: Launch Update on Artemis 1 & 2 

  • Annette Hasbrook, Assistant Manager, Program Integration, NASA's Orion Program Office, Artemis II Vehicle Manager, NASA Johnson Space Center
  • Kelvin Manning, Deputy Center Director, John F. Kennedy Space Center

In conversation with Jordan Soto, Senior Producer, Space Channel


Closing Keynote Conversation: ISS and Beyond: The Space Station of the Future with Dr. Michelle Parker, Vice President and Deputy General Manager, Boeing Space and Launch



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Thursday, December 16, 2021

1:00 PM - 3:30 PM ET