Full Name
Kyle Clark
Job Title
CEO and Founder
BETA Technologies
Speaker Bio
Kyle Clark is an aerospace engineer, pilot, and the founder and CEO of BETA Technologies, a Vermont-based company working to electrify aviation. Kyle and his team are focused on building solutions that move goods and people more safely and efficiently to help shift the transportation paradigm to better connect communities and support businesses. To do this, BETA is building innovative electric propulsion systems, electric; net-zero aircraft; and a cross-country, multi-modal charging infrastructure that powers electric transportation and creates increased access across geographies. 

Prior to founding BETA, Kyle co-founded Venture.co and was Director of Engineering at Dynapower, where he and his team of programmers, engineers, and technicians developed a full line of inverters, pulse modulators, and control systems, and served as a founding partner and Vice President of Engineering at iTherm Technologies. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Kyle played right wing in the NHL’s Washington Capitals organization. He is a Certified Flight Instructor as well as a licensed commercial airplane and helicopter pilot. Kyle holds a degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Harvard University, where he studied flight dynamics and control algorithms.
Kyle Clark