Full Name
Peter Beck
Job Title
Rocket Lab
Speaker Bio
Peter Beck is the founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Engineer of Rocket Lab, a leading launch and space systems company opening access to space to improve life on Earth. Rocket Lab’s capabilities span the space economy, including satellite design and manufacture, industry-leading spacecraft software and components, and reliable launch services. Under Mr. Beck’s leadership, Rocket Lab’s Electron launch vehicle has become the second most frequently launched U.S. rocket and Rocket Lab satellite subsystems have featured on more than 1,700 spacecraft on orbit globally. Rocket Lab technology enables some of humanity’s most ambitious space missions, including complex interplanetary science missions, national security programs, and vast commercial constellations.

Since founding the company in 2006, Mr. Beck has grown Rocket Lab into a global organization of 1,200 people across the United States, Canada and New Zealand. Today, Rocket Lab’s launch vehicles, satellites and space systems are relied upon by a range of global mission partners including NASA, the United States Space Force, DARPA, the National Reconnaissance Office, and a broad range of commercial satellite and constellation operators.
Peter Beck