Full Name
Lauren Beyer
Job Title
Cargo Airline Association
Speaker Bio
Lauren Beyer is the President of the Cargo Airline Association where she leads the Association in promoting the all-cargo airline industry. She leads advocacy and informs policymakers, regulators and others to shape policies necessary to protect and grow this critical sector of the U.S. economy. She is responsible for formulating industry policy and overseeing the Association’s daily activities.

Prior to joining the Cargo Airline Association, Lauren served as the Vice President for Security and Facilitation at Airlines for America where she represented the largest U.S. passenger and cargo airlines to the federal government on all security, cybersecurity, cargo, and passenger facilitation issues.

Lauren also served as the Director for Aviation and Surface Transportation Security at the National Security Council where she was responsible for directing and coordinating national aviation security policies. Beyer held positions at the Transportation Security Administration managing engagement with transportation security stakeholders across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. She has served in various roles in the Office of Policy at the Department of Homeland Security including leading engagement with the Presidency of the European Union while stationed in Budapest, Hungary and Warsaw, Poland.

Lauren holds a B.A. in Government from the University of Texas at Austin and an M.A. in American Government from Georgetown University. She is married with two children.
Lauren Beyer