Full Name
Kyle Clark
Job Title
Founder & CEO
BETA Technologies
Speaker Bio
Kyle is an aerospace engineer, pilot, entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of BETA Technologies, a Vermont-based electric aerospace company that is developing a transportation system to make aviation greener, safer and more accessible. This system, which will reshape the way we move cargo and people, includes all-electric aircraft, the most extensive multi-modal electric charging infrastructure in the U.S., and a program to train the next generation of pilots.

Since founding BETA in 2017, Kyle and team have continued to advance the aircraft along a path to certification, building out capabilities to serve its diverse customer base, which includes industry leaders across the logistics, medical, defense and passenger sectors.

Prior to founding BETA, Kyle co-founded Venture.co and was Director of Engineering at Dynapower, where he and his team of programmers, engineers and technicians developed a full line of inverters, pulse modulators and control systems and before that, he was a founding partner and Vice President of Engineering at iTherm Technologies. Kyle earned his Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Harvard University and played right wing in the NHL’s Washington Capitals organization for several years before pursuing entrepreneurial ventures.
Kyle Clark