Full Name
Adam Maher
Job Title
CEO & Founder
Ursa Space Systems, Inc.
Speaker Bio
Adam Maher is the CEO and founder of Ursa Space Systems Inc., whose satellite analytic services enable users to monitor, search, and discover changes in physical objects around the globe. Ursa Space’s platform uses proprietary virtual satellite constellation infrastructure, analytics, and fusion engines to automate and abstract the complicated process of extracting insights.
Adam’s vision is to improve the satellite Earth observation user experience by bringing the community of traditional and new space members together to create a living world map that empowers individuals to better understand how the events of the world impact them or their mission.
Adam holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Master of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, from Cornell University. At Ursa Space Systems, he uses his knowledge of the satellite industry to fuel his vision of a living world map, where the connection between satellites and users is no longer complicated or difficult, and users are empowered to make better decisions with better data.
Prior to founding Ursa Space, Adam worked at MAXAR (Space Systems Loral). There, he served as a system engineer from paper to launch for complete satellite builds and multiple successful commercial satellite proposals. In addition to broadband satellite communications work, he also worked on efforts in space robotics, electric propulsion, Earth observation, and government programs
Adam Maher