Full Name
Tom Nichols
Job Title
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
True Anomaly
Speaker Bio
Tom translates intractable national security requirements and space operator challenges into True Anomaly’s family of solutions. Prior to co-founding True Anomaly, Tom served as the Chief of the Joint Fires Element in Joint Task Force Space Defense within U.S. Space Command. In that role, Tom oversaw the planning and execution of several initiatives designed to bolster U.S. space defense capabilities, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and developing sophisticated strategies.
Over the last decade, Tom has held several high-stakes technical positions that demonstrate his ability to drive results across various key defense sectors of the space domain. These include Wing Weapons Officer with the 50th Space Wing, Space Weapons Officer on the Director of Space Forces Staff with the Pacific Air Forces, and Orbital Warfare Phase Developer and Manager with the 328th Weapons Squadron, among others.
Tom holds a BSBA with a focus on Information Systems and a minor in Business Intelligence from Xavier University.
Tom Nichols