1. How do I register? 
    Click here to begin your registration where you can pick the sessions you're interested in attending and let us know a little bit more about you and your company. 

  2. What’s the price of attendance as a viewer? 
    Registration is complimentary and available to anyone - click here to start your registration.

  3. Does any part of this conference take place in-person? 
    No, all programming for The Big Week for Small Business takes place within the confines of this website so you can view our live stream, meet with sponsors, and connect with fellow attendees all from the comfort of your home or office. 

  4. Why can't I register for a particular breakout? 
    To keep our breakouts small enough to be productive and participatory in nature, we have capped our breakout sessions. Registration is offered on a first come-first serve basis. If you are unable to register, that breakout is full. We will reach out should we add any additional breakout sessions.

  5. Are sessions recorded? 
    Yes! All of our sessions are recorded and available for registrant-only on-demand viewing in the Previously Aired tab the evening following the session. 

  6. What time zone does this take place in?
    Our sessions are all held in Eastern Time (EDT).

  7. How do I view the live stream on event day? 
    All our event day content is hosted on the Main Screen, where you'll be able to find any active live streams, links to any breakout sessions for which you're registered, plus more details on that day's agenda and speakers. Check your inbox for reminder and recap emails throughout the week for easy access to this link.

  8. Why do I have to log in to view certain pages? 
    Content like our live stream, breakout sessions, and other networking opportunities are open only to registered guests, to help protect the privacy of our guests. Good news: registration is open and complimentary to all, click here to sign up.

  9. What if I forget my password? 
    Click here to request a password reset. 

  10. How do I add more sessions to my agenda? 
    You can update your registration at any time through this link using your email and password. Please be advised that some of our sessions are capped and are first-come, first-served.

  11. Where can I see which sessions I’m signed up for? 
    All of your personalized event info, including your agenda and links to any program content, can be found on the Main Screen here. Missing a session you thought you registered for? You can always modify your registration here or reach out to our team

  12. How do I hide myself or make myself visible on the attendee list? 
    Your privacy is important to us so we want you to have the opportunity to opt in or out of being included in our Attendee Directory. During registration, you can control your visibility in your answer to "Would you like to be included in our Attendee Directory to be given the opportunity to network with other attendees?" To update your registration, click here

  13. How do I become a sponsor? 
    Click here to email our partnerships team.

  14. Is there an open call for speakers? 
    We are no longer taking applications for speakers for this conference, but are happy to take your submission for any future events we host in 2021 and beyond. Submit speaker applications here

  15. What is CO— and does it stand for something?
    CO— is an editorial website with a mission to serve growing businesses across the U.S. Launched in 2019 by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, CO— publishes content that helps solve the problems business owners face every day. Click here to learn more about CO—.

Don't see your question in the list above? Please reach out to our team directly.