Summit XXI Agenda

Our three panels will each have a Q&A session. To better streamline the event, we are asking attendees to submit their questions in advance. Please email your questions to and specify which panel your question is for.

Opening Remarks

Harold Kim, President, U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform 


Laila Ali, Boxing Champion, TV Host, Beauty & Lifestyle Brand CEO

Suzanne P. Clark, President and CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Segment 1: Blinded by the Light: Preserving Due Process Post-Pandemic

Daryl Joseffer, Executive Vice President & Chief Counsel, U.S. Chamber Litigation Center 

Jeffrey Bucholtz, Partner, King & Spalding

Andrew Clubok, Partner, Latham & Watkins

The pandemic drastically changed the American litigation landscape. Courts and litigants are facing newly-opened courtrooms, a backlog of cases, and mixed experiences with virtual litigation. This panel of experts will explore how the litigation process has changed, what positive experiences have emerged, and what potential pitfalls and litigation threats remain. 

Outstanding Organization Award

Segment 2: Litigation Line of Sight: Class and Mass Action Trends in Europe

Ken Daly, Partner, Sidley Austin 

Branda Katan, Partner, Stibbe

Kenny Henderson, Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang

Class and mass action exposure in Europe and the UK is rapidly coming of age due to a variety of factors, including: the increasing availability of collective redress mechanisms through new statutes and rulings; the growth and assertiveness of the plaintiffs’ bar; the abundance of third party litigation funding; and the expansion of social/policy activism and media dominance. This panel of experts will review these trends and forecast the European litigation environment, particularly in the areas of competition and antitrust, data privacy, climate change, and consumer collective actions. 

Outstanding Legislator Award

Segment 3: New Day, New Tactics: The Plaintiffs’ Bar at Work

Laura Lazarczyk, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary, Zurich North America   

Bill Martucci, Partner, Shook Hardy & Bacon

Steve Lehotsky, Partner, Lehotsky Keller

Stef Zielezienski, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, American Property Casualty Insurance Association

The plaintiffs’ bar is continuously looking for new business models and to test new legal theories to expand liability and increase litigation. This panel will explore some of these new trends, including using social issues to drive litigation. They will also discuss the ins and outs of mass arbitration and what litigation threats we can expect during a post-pandemic “return to normal.” 

Legal Reform Champion Award

Closing Remarks 

Harold Kim, President, U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform