4:00 - 5:00 pm EDT Opening Session: The Unbelievable Year: Leading Through Uncertain Times 

Across the country and the world, businesses and the groups that support them are leading the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.  From the race toward a vaccine to the collective effort to support small businesses through this time, the business community is standing strong and powering the path back to health.  

2:00 - 3:15 pm EDT "Chamber Cohorts" Breakout Sessions

  • Advocating from Afar: Trends in Policy, Advocacy, and Government Affairs
    • Find new and innovative ways to advocate for your members and monetize those efforts, even in a remote world.
      Recommended Audience: CEOs, Government Affairs and Advocacy Professionals

  • Generating New Revenue Sources and Adding Value to Membership
    • Leverage virtual events and other digital media opportunities to create new revenue streams and improve your operating margins, all while adding value for your members. 
      Recommended Audience: CEOs, CFOs, Membership and Event Professionals

  • Creating a Complete Communications Strategy
    • Communicate your message effectively and increase your reach across virtual platforms, using holistic strategies to carry your organization beyond the pandemic and into the future.  
      Recommended Audience: CEOs, CMOs, Communications Professionals, Marketing Professionals

  • The Future of Chambers and Associations Leading in the Time of COVID
    • The pandemic has brought its own set of challenges to Association and Chamber employees across the county, from balancing remote work and remote school, to the dreaded “Zoom fatigue,” employees are facing new obstacles and need new support from their employers.  We’ll look at management and leadership strategies to help your organization set your team up for success. 
      Recommended Audience: CEOs, Operations and HR Professionals

4:00 - 5:00 pm EDT Evening Happy Hour: The State of Sports and The Outlook for the Future

With college football’s season in jeopardy and the NBA’s season taking place from quarantine, sports players and fans across the country are hoping for more pathways to safely play.  We talk to leaders from across the athletic world about their plans and predictions for a safe return to the sports we know and love.

2:00 - 3:15 pm EDT "Emerging Issues" Breakout Sessions

  • Restoring Global Travel
    • As the world slowly begins to reopen in the midst of a health crisis, the travel industry is also shifting to meet new customer priorities around health and safety protocols and practices, operate in a socially distant manner, and appeal to travelers in new ways.  We look at the path back to safe travel, and the ways Chambers and Associations can support the sustainable and lasting return of travel into and out of their areas.
  • Supporting Small Business
    • Associations and Chambers across the country have been advocating fiercely for policies to support small businesses and continue to do so as lawmakers at all levels consider providing more aid.  We’ll discuss the health of small businesses and how advocates can work to support them.
  • Equality of Opportunity
    • In partnership with more than 500 Chambers of Commerce across the country, the U.S. Chamber has launched an initiative to promote equality of opportunity for all Americans, regardless of race.  We’ll discuss how Chambers, Associations, and their members can work together to close the opportunity gap.
  • Advocating for Tech and the Gig Economy
    • Through the pandemic, technology companies have powered our socially distant lives by enabling us to work and learn, while also keeping restaurants going and connecting people with the essential goods they need. We will look at the different ways Chambers and Associations can support and advocate for this industry, and why they should.

4:00 - 5:00 pm EDT Election 2020: Mapping Out the Political Scenarios

We invite the political number cruncher to break down all the potential outcomes of election day, from the most feasible scenarios to the most unbelievable. 

2:00 - 3:00 pm EDT Closing Panel: The Future America: Building a Foundation for Prosperity 

We’ll discuss one of the most critical building blocks in shaping the society of the future—education.  Education practices impact our success and prosperity in broad and impactful ways, including fostering civic participation, to generating  entrepreneurship and innovation, to promoting inclusive organizations and societies. We’ll take a look at the ways we can impact education now to build a more prosperous society.