March-In Madness: Stop Political Games that Penalize American Innovation 

Event Description

Are you concerned about the future of innovation in America? Business is.   

What’s happening: The Biden Administration is exploring guidelines that could grant unprecedented 'march-in' rights, potentially allowing the government to seize federally supported inventions from private companies. This move sparks concerns about the impact to U.S. innovation in critical sectors like semiconductors, artificial intelligence, and energy. 

If allowed, these changes could: 

  • Sanction government confiscation of business assets. 

  • Threaten U.S. leadership in critical and emerging technologies 

  • Undermine bipartisan laws championing American innovation 

  • Foster a hostile and uncertain climate for business-led innovation. 

It’s not too late: Join representatives from some of the nation’s most innovative companies to learn about the chilling effects this could have on American innovation and how you can take action to prevent it.  

Why it matters: Proposals to misuse march-in rights will hurt America’s standing as an innovation leader and undermine the historically strong collaboration between the federal government, private sector, and universities, supported by robust intellectual property rights protection. 

Ethics: This event complies with House and Senate gift rules under the widely attended event exception. Executive branch employees should obtain written permission from their designated agency ethics office and email it to Brad Watts at ( before the event. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2024
3:30 PM – 6:30 PM (ET) 

U.S. Capitol, SVC 203-02


Entry Requirements: Attendees must enter via the CVC North entrance per Senate safety protocols. Access to the room begins at the scheduled start time. Please refrain from bringing items listed on CVC’s website and have a government-issued photo ID ready for entry. 


The event promises an insightful conversation on the broader impacts of the misuse of 'march-in' rights on U.S. innovation.

Representatives from some of America's leading innovators will delve into how, when implemented effectively, public-private partnerships and technology transfers drive economic and scientific progress.

The event will introduce a new coalition of voices across America’s innovation economy united against policies that stifle innovation, such as march-in rights, price controls, and policies that stifle business.