Executive Vice President, Chief Policy Officer, and Head of Strategic Advocacy
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
As executive vice president, chief policy officer, and head of strategic advocacy at the U.S. Chambe...(read more)
Senior Vice President, C_TEC
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Jordan Crenshaw serves as Vice President and leads the day-to-day operations at the U.S. Chamber of ...(read more)
Vice President and Editor in Chief
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Kristen is a Pulitzer Prize-winning editor with a background in political, business and opinion jour...(read more)
Partner & Chief Research Officer
RXN Group
Dr. Mark Drapeau is Co-founder, Partner, and Chief Research Officer for RXN Group. He also oversees ...(read more)
Senior Vice President, Member Marketing
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Melissa has been partnering with advertising agencies and marketers her entire career. She’s worked ...(read more)
Rosa Li is the founder and CEO of wildwonder, the world’s first sparkling beverage to combine both p...(read more)
CO— by U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Jeanette has been writing about and for small businesses for her entire career. She is a business jo...(read more)
Reyna Noriega Studios
Reyna Noriega is a Visual Artist and Author. Her work centers women of color and provides joyful and...(read more)
Audience Development Manager
Tatiana Perry is the CO—Audience Development Manager, specializing in social media and digital marke...(read more)
Senior Solutions Engineer
T-Mobile for Business
Eric is a seasoned professional at T-Mobile, dedicated to empowering small businesses through cuttin...(read more)
Vice President, Corporate Systems
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Denise Turley serves as the Vice President of Corporate Systems at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,...(read more)