The USAfBC Trade Task Force

The U.S. – Africa Business Center’s Trade Task Force (USAfBC-TTF) was launched in 2020 and leveraged on the previous Retail, Supply Chain & Trade Facilitation Task Force. The USAfBC- TTF is a consultative and exchange platform for U.S. Chamber’s member companies to engage with policymakers on U.S. – Africa trade matters. The task force focuses on bilateral and multilateral trade by addressing regulatory and policy advocacy issues to expand trade between the U.S. and Africa. New U.S. Government trade and investment initiatives (e.g. Prosper Africa), as well as growing interest in increased two-way trade with Africa (e.g. U.S.-Kenya Free Trade Agreement Announcement), are also discussed. With the commencement of trade under the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (AfCFTA), the Center is engaging with the AfCFTA Secretariat to provide an opportunity for members of the task force to better understand the implementation process of the agreement and its implication on the U.S. private sector. In addition, the task force discusses the future of the existing preferential trade mechanism – the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) – set to expire in 2025. For further information about the task force, please contact Ellasandra Walsh at