Thursday, November 10, 2022

8:00 AM – Arrivals and Networking Breakfast


8:30 AM – Welcome and Introduction

Myron Brilliant, Executive Vice President and Head of International Affairs, U.S. Chamber


8:35 AM – Fireside Chat: Setting the Scene – Transatlantic Relations in 2022

Jonathan Finer, U.S. Principal Deputy National Security Advisor

  • Moderated by Myron Brilliant, U.S. Chamber


8:55 AM - Remarks

Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands


9:00 AM – In Conversation: Bridging National Security and Economic Security

Threats to national and economic security are increasingly complex, aggressive, and intertwined. Supply chain vulnerabilities in critical sectors, cybersecurity risks, and gaps in traditional defense capabilities have the potential to destabilize and endanger both state and commercial entities. Coordinated and transparent multilateral engagement between like-minded allies will be critical in countering these issues, and in ensuring the strength and security of national and economic systems. Yet the importance of transnational cooperation will need to be balanced against growing voices for protectionism in exports and imports of sensitive technologies across sectors. How can state and business agents work jointly to prevent a schism between commercial and security interests?

  • Mike Parrish, Vice President of U.S. Public Affairs, Science, and Sustainability, Bayer
  • Al Thompson, Vice President, U.S.-Canada Government Affairs, Intel
  • Vanessa Stiffler-Claus, Vice President, International Policy & Strategy, John Deere
    • Moderated by Ryan Heath, Editorial Director, Global Growth, Politico


9:40 AM – Remarks: The Way Forward for Ukraine

H.E. Oksana Markarova, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States


9:50 AM – In Conversation: Ambassadors’ Views of Transatlantic Cooperation

Tackling escalating competition with China and supporting Ukraine against Russia’s invasion enjoy bipartisan support in Washington and both require strong cooperation with our allies in Europe. European ambassadors offer their insights on opportunities to advance transatlantic relations amid shifting political dynamics on both sides of the ocean.

  • H.E. Emily Haber, Ambassador of Germany to the United States
  • H.E. Geraldine Byrne Nason, Ambassador of Ireland to the United States
  • H.E. Marek Magierowski, Ambassador of Poland to the United States
    • Moderated by Marjorie Chorlins, Senior Vice President, Europe, U.S. Chamber


10:30 AM – In Conversation: Responding to Energy Challenges

Soaring energy prices and lack of supply across Europe have created an unprecedented emergency for households, businesses, and states. They are a stark reminder of potential dangers of uncoordinated energy agendas. While much of the focus has understandably been devoted to the present winter, there are no easy answers well beyond this year. The United States and the European Commission have expressed strong commitment to Europe’s energy independence and security, and to accelerating the global transition to renewable, clean energy. This partnership will require ongoing conversations about the potential sources of energy in the immediate and long-term future; structuring standards to meet the dual goals of securing emergency energy requirements and ensuring emissions reductions; and building new infrastructure that allows for the transition to sustainable and secure energy. 

  • Malcolm Rice-Jones, Head of London Office, ConocoPhillips
  • Marco Margheri, Head of U.S. Relations, ENI and Chairman of Eni New Energies
  • Alisa Newman Hood, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Excelerate Energy
  • Pamela Venzke, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Ørsted Americas
    • Moderated by Christopher Guith, Senior Vice President, Global Energy Institute, U.S. Chamber


11:10 AM – In Conversation: Sustainability as a Driver of Innovation and Growth

Recent economic and energy shocks have brought into question the viability of sustainability efforts in Europe and the U.S. A sobering near-term emissions outlook and pressures on both private and public funding may have negative impact on green agendas. These challenges will require harmonized and coherent solutions to ensure thriving markets and a successful transition to a sustainable future. Businesses and policymakers must craft solutions that look at sustainability as drivers of global innovation and growth. What tools must we leverage to meet sustainability objectives?

  • Charles (Rick) Johnston, Managing Director of International Government Affairs, Citi
  • Alexander Laytin, Senior Counsel for International Regulatory Affairs, FedEx
  • Joshua Dickinson, SVP and CFO for North America, Schneider Electric
    • Moderated by Ivana Zuzul, Senior Director, Europe, U.S. Chamber


11:40 AM – Fireside Chat

H.E. Stavros Lambrinidis, Ambassador of the European Union to the United States

  • Moderated by Kasper Zeuthen, Vice President of Communications, U.S. Chamber


11:55 AM – In Conversation: Leveraging the TTC for Success

Countries that utilize unfair industrial subsidies, impose limits on foreign competition, and disregard the rule of law and fundamental human rights represent strategic and geopolitical challenges. The U.S. and EU must collaborate on efforts to ensure such countries play by the rules of the road in the global economy.

  • Michael DiPaula-Coyle, Head of International Trade, IBM
  • Becky Fraser, Senior Director, Global Government Affairs, Qualcomm
  • Lisa Schroeter, Global Director of Trade and Investment Policy, Dow
  • Rita Balogh, Europe Lead – International Government Affairs, Google
  • Moderated by Garrett Workman, Executive Director, Europe, U.S. Chamber


12:35 PM – Remarks: Moving the Relationship Forward – From Words to Action

  • The Honorable Marisa Lago, Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade


12:45 PM – Closing Remarks

  • Marjorie Chorlins, Senior Vice President, Europe, U.S. Chamber


1:00 PM – Informal Networking Lunch