INDUS X - Catalyzing Indo-U.S. Defense Innovation

June 21, 2023



INDUS X Exhibition



Location: U.S. Chamber of Commerce 



09:30 -09:45

Opening Ceremony  


Location: Hall of Flags, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Welcome Address: Amb. (Ret.) Atul Keshap, President USIBC


Opening Keynote:

Frank Kendall, United States Secretary of the Air Force






Investing in the Future of U.S.-India Defense Relations














Location: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Galvanizing the Defense Innovation Bridge – how can the defense industrial bases of both countries leverage their respective strengths to created solutions for the Indian and U.S. armed forces?


· What are the defense capability priorities and gaps based a common view of the regional threat environment? 

· How do we create a viable commercial basis of defense cooperation & coproduction? What steps could both governments take to facilitate and accelerate this?  

· How do start-ups need to think in- terms of becoming part of the defense industrial base of both countries?


Featured Speakers:


Doug Beck, Director, Defence Innovation Unit 

Lindsey Ford, DASD South & Southeast Asia (Policy)

Halimah Najieb-Lock, DASD Industrial Base Resilience (A&S)  







Moderator - Keith Webster, U.S. Chamber of Commerce




Roundtable 1 -- 

Cross Border Networks of Collaboration: Start-ups voices on emerging technologies and success vectors 







Location: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Robust academia and defence industry engagement is a critical way to provide a ‘pathway’ from ideation/R&D to commercial scalability.

Start-ups share their perspectives and questions on defense and dual-use emerging capability development with academic, industry, and venture specialists. 

· How can start-ups strategically approach emerging technology collaboration with defense innovation stakeholders?

· How can defense innovation centers and programs of excellence collaborate together and with industry and investors to achieve higher start-up formation to growth success stories in the defense and dual-use sectors?

Featured Speakers: 

Vivek Virmani, COO, DIO-iDEX,MoD & Prof. Gurumoorthy, IISc

Moderator – Sameer Lalwani, USIP





U.S. Chamber of Commerce 

Keynote Address:


13:15 – 14:15

Networking Lunch 


Location: U.S. Chamber of Commerce



14:30 – 15:45



Business of Defense: Navigating Procurement, Export Controls & Industrial Security











Location: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

An overview of the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR), the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), and Make in India. 

· What are the key issues around export controls, technology transfers, and indigenous development?

· How do the governments think about these issues in terms of defense and dual-use technologies – are there nuances?

· How might governments thinking about defense start-up collaboration approach these issues in a manner that unleashes the potential of the private sector in emerging. technologies, such as commercial and defense space, AI, etc.? 


Sh. Anurag Bajpai, JS (DIP) 

Michael Laychak, Director DTSA

Tim Betts, Acting DAS DoS PM/DDTC

Moderator – Konark Bhandari (CEIP)




16:15 – 17:30


Roundtable 2: Friendshoring for India-U.S. Defense Co-production 















Location: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

How can industry translate the tremendous political progress at the G2G level into outcomes at the business-to-business level and commit to Make in India for the World?

  • How can startups engage with large corporations, VCs, defense professional societies, and incubators to achieve high-potential business partnerships? 


Featured Speaker:


Farooq Mitha Director DoD Office of Small

Moderator – Basant Sanghera, TAG








Building a Bridge for Defense Innovation into the 2030s – INDUS X and future collaborations


Location: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Capstone speaker and announcement of INDUS X Roadmap.

Capstone Speaker


Dr. William A. LaPlante, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment (USD(A&S))


Amb. (Ret.) Atul Keshap, President USIBC)