Ruth Demeter
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Senior Director, Policy, Global Energy Institute

Marty Durbin
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Senior Vice President, Policy and President, Global Energy Institute

Jigar Shah
Department of Energy
Director Loan Program Office

Michelle Michot Foss
Baker Institute Center for Energy Studies
Fellow in Energy, Minerals and Materials

Wayne Palmer
Essential Minerals Association
Executive Vice President

Alex Fitzsimmons
Sila Nanotechnologies
Head of Government Affairs

Richard Russell
National Mining Association
Senior Vice President for Government Affairs and Political Affairs

Dr. Grant Bromhal
U.S. DOE - Office of Fossil Energy & Carbon Management
Acting Director of Mineral Sustainability Division

Zoe Oysul
Senior Policy Analyst

John James
U.S. House of Representatives
Rep. M-10

Dave Suave
ReElement Technologies
Chief Marketing Officer

Juan Ciscomani
U.S. House of Representatives
Rep. AZ-06